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Electronic product data catalogs
individual for each customer and marketplace

Easily generate customer-specific electronic catalogs from different data sources

Individual product catalogs at the push of a button


The challenge

Client-specific electronic product catalogs play a differentiating role in a successful operating concept. The gathering of data from the various source systems of the suppliers and the flexible and individualized transmission to the clients and business partners is a real challenge. Especially when it comes to large ranges.


Catalog at the push of a button: Catalog express

Catalog express is a modular system for optimal and automated data processes for master- or variable data. It also gathers the data from the various source systems in the various formats, checks it, and then prepares the data according to the criteria provided.


Your clients are individuals – is your catalog also?

Your clients have various ways of thinking, ways of working, infrastructures. Standard specifications “swallow up” individual and meaningful characteristics of your products. Catalog-express understands the processes of your clients and serves each of them on an individual basis. Virtually at the push of a button, individual catalogs with specific characteristics are generated and made available in the desired standards and formats. The speed with which the catalog is put together also guarantees that the data is up to date.


What makes it so special: Process modulation with BPMN

Processes happen differently in each organisation and have to be treated correspondingly. Therefor Catalog-express models the processes with BPMN and allows you to avoid the need for elaborate programming. Many current scenarios provide Catalog express as standard, so that customization expenses in your project are minimized.


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CatalogExpress: the perfect tool for eCatalogs

Creating your electronic catalogues can be as intuitive and fast as nature shows us in the form of a chameleon. Its independently moving eyes keep the entire environment in view. By changing colour and strange movements it can also adapt perfectly to its environment. The ability to change colour serves rather as a means of communication.

CatalogExpress is the perfect tool for inter-company communication of product data (e.g. between manufacturer and retailer). The focus is on adaptation to the respective data sources and targets as well as data checking and optimization.

eKataloge – as individual
as a chameleon

CatalogExpress does without
complex programming

The process flows are different in every company and must be taken into account accordingly. “CatalogExpress” models the processes with BPMN and does without complex programming. Also many common scenarios are standardized, which leads to fast and optimal solutions.

An overview of the advantages

Immense savings in terms of working time and costs when putting

together your catalog.

Optimal service through fast and individualized client catalogs.

Flexible processing of various data formats (BMEcat, ETIM, EDIFACT PRICAT, DATANORM, and many more)

Strong performance also with large amounts of data

Seamless processing for continuous operation

Possibility of integration in a workflow engine

Improved and verified product information quality.

Catalog management – what “CatalogExpress” can do

Automatic mappings also for attributes

Conversion into the desired format of the customer

Checking data quality and classification

Support of BMEcat 1.2, BMEcat 2005, ETIM, EDIFACT, PRICAT, FAB-DIS, eCl@ss, DATANORM as well as any CSV and XML catalog derivatives, …

Creation of individual search engine optimized eCatalogs

Customer-specific assortments and prices

Connection to merchandise management systems and product information systems (PIM solutions)

Workflow connection to internal and external systems

Flexible import tool for shopware and Magento Commerce

CatalogExpress is based on standard XML technologies

It offers the possibility to serve each of your customers completely individually and yet automatically

 Based on standard XML technologies Catalog Express has already been used successfully in numerous projects. Standard technologies such as XQuery and open source tools such as the BaseX XML database have been optimally combined.
The success speaks for itself – CatalogExpress is already being used successfully in various industries.