Product Configurator PIM-System

Why to connect a product configurator to a PIM System

What actually is a product configurator?

A product configurator connected to a PIM system is a tool that displays a wide variety of product variants in 3D. For this purpose, all features and characteristics of the respective product are collected, which the configurator can access in one or more data sources. These features can be, for example, shape and color, but also material, size, etc.
Users and customers who are interested in a product can thus put together their product individually as they wish. In this way, the customer easily and playfully creates “his” optimal product and can also have the price for the end product displayed directly.

Why should you also connect a product configurator to your PIM system?

Especially in the current times (Corona pandemic with travel bans and restrictions on customer visits), topics such as digitalization and eCommerce are becoming increasingly important. Alternative ways of reaching customers and presenting one’s own products are all the more in demand. Due to the increasing competition on the market, it is also becoming more and more important to stand out and to serve your customers optimally and individually.

And this is exactly what a product configurator is the right solution for your company! Once connected to your PIM system, the configurator supports you in sales, marketing and production. Because you experience the following added value:

  • Simplified configuration of products
  • Additional and supplementary sales and marketing support
  • Increased attractiveness of your products on the market due to variety of variants
  • Optimal offer creation based on customer needs
  • Resulting increase in sales and customer satisfaction
  • Savings in costs, time and resources
  • Increased digital customer experience


Do you also want to connect a product configurator to your PIM system, such as Pimcore, and thus increase your entrepreneurial as well as sales attractiveness on the market?
Then contact us, we will be happy to support you!

With the premium manufacturer Helestra Leuchten GmbH we have already successfully implemented a project of this kind. Are you Interested in the Success Story of this project? Enjoy reading it!

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