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Product Data onboarding as self-service for suppliers
in the supplier portal „supplier-Portal“ in 2 weeks

Supplier Portal – uniform data quality and
transparent product data management

The self-service-supplier-portal from nexoma – your solution to solve the master data problems


Efficient processes for your supplier data. From procurement to customer service. The amount and frequency of the data that needs to be processed grows daily. Our solution – Supplier-Portal.


You need perfect product data quality for:


online product presentations

eCommerce and online-Shops

Customer Service and



Uniform data quality and transparent product data management


Suppliers supply the basic master data in different formats such as excel lists, text files, PDFs, CSV, XML, BMEcat. Here, both the quality and the frequency of data deliveries differ. There is a great deal of effort to uniformly integrate these into your own systems. In most cases, no uniform data quality is guaranteed. In the process, the ever more frequent data volumes have to be updated more and more frequently.


Lack of transparency – Do you have an eye on this?


Who has delivered what and when?

How good was this data set?

Who has still to deliver data?

Which was the last data set?


We have the solution for you! Our new supplier portal to unboard your supplier data easily


Therefore nexoma now offers Supplier-Portal. The system makes it easy to manage and request product data, price lists, hazardous substance information, etc.

Supplier portal offers the portal operator simple supplier management, transparency with regard to data deliveries and automated quality checks. Predefined, proven workflows allow multi-stage approval processes for suppliers and the data recipient. Simple processes support document exchange between customer and supplier. Based on the powerful XS technology, the portal is flexibly configurable; data models and checks are configured rather than laboriously programmed.


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Supplier Portal brings transparency to the supplied Data supplied

This results in interesting analyses about your suppliers:

Which supplier has already delivered his product master data?

When was the product data delivered?

Which supplier still has to deliver his master data?

What data quality did the supplier data have?

Where is there still need for action for product data management?

What changes have there been compared to previous data delivery?

Which product data is new, which has been changed?

Digitization of processes
in and between companies:
Your Supplier Portal

The advantages of optimal master data

Easy finding of products in the shop

Never again false orders

Print catalogues have a correct database

Customer service can provide impeccable advice

Warehouse management and logistics make the right decisions

Purchasing can work automatically

Data quality is a decision-making aid for supplier evaluation and selection