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Saving Money: Automated Ordering Processes

WebEDI – the solution for efficient ordering and delivery processes

WebEDI – the inexpensive alternative to EDI

You know the situation: Suppliers still send their documents in paper form or by e-mail. This results in time-consuming clarification requirements and incorrect document management – even if only a few documents are exchanged. The solution is electronic data exchange. But your suppliers do not work with an EDI or ERP system?

We have the solution!
The advantages at a glance:

Integration of every supplier into the electronic processes of your purchasing department

Existing EDI infrastructure can be used

High process efficiency from order to invoice

Error-free data exchange instead of e-mail or fax

Optimal representation of the entire delivery process

Improvement of the performance in the supply chain

Tracking and tracing possible


For the implementation you use the known standards such as EDIFACT, EDITEC, EANCOM or openTRANS. As the most modern standard you use openTRANS, which is based on XML.

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