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PIM for your product data management:
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A PIM System efficiently processes, maintains and refines product information for further channels

Today, everyone researches online before making a purchase decision – both in the B2B and B2C sectors. The better your product information is available in your web shop, with your customers and on marketplaces, the greater the chance of winning new customers. High-quality product data from a PIM will set you apart from your competitors. You increase your significance for your relevant market. Furthermore, returns of goods are reduced – because the better the buyer gets to know your product in advance, the less likely he is to return it.

A PIM-system facilitates the creation and maintenance of product information, so that you can present your customers with a complete product description, data sheets, images, videos or data standard catalogues etc. at any time. And all this at a company central location for marketing, product development, sales and all other departments to be involved.

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Expand into new markets with PIM

Your company will be present on all channels, as your customers will also often switch between the different platforms. PIM of course also stands for optimal search engine optimization and supports the work of your sales department, as access to the necessary information is always available to provide customers with fast and targeted advice.


Growth means expansion into new markets


With internationalisation, however, communication in several languages is also inevitable. Since manual language expansion is almost impossible, the PIM offers an efficient solution for this as well. The PIM system enables you to offer your products in different markets and languages as effectively as in a single language version.

New markets do not only mean new languages, but also maintaining new data standards. A different kind of language. Industry standards such as ETIM require multilingual data or even different requirements as in the FAB DIS standard which is close to ETIM. You are in markets with several classifications or data standards? Then your chances lie in the maintenance of several standards in the PIM system.


PIM, DAM, MAM, CMS and more abbreviations


In the subject area of master data and product data management, you will encounter many abbreviations, each of which deals with a specific subject area. In the classical understanding, a PIM system manages master and product data, a DAM manages media data such as images and videos, a CMS manages the website (content) and so on. PIMCORE as an open source solution offers all these components in one system. Isolated solutions and necessary programmable interfaces are excluded. Each article can be linked to all relevant data in PIMCORE. The integration of customer data is included. This is how you control a successful customer experience.


Data security and data sovereignty for your product data


All your content – master and product data, images, videos, prices, lottery data, etc. – is your competitive advantage. This largely sensitive data describes your products in detail, making it easy for third parties to copy them. When introducing a PIM system, check where the data is stored. It is also important that you always have access to the data and, if necessary, to the development code of your system. This is the only way to guarantee that you can always intervene if third parties handle your product data improperly. PIMCORE offers the solution. As open source software, you have the choice of operating a server yourself or choosing a confidential hosting provider to store your data.


PIM optimizes
multichannel marketing
and sales