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Shopware Connector to import your product data

Shopware Connector

Optimized and up-to-date data are indispensable for every online store in today’s world. The wide range of products offered in the store must be constantly updated in order to be appealing and tangible for customers. This is the only way to prevail in the face of ever-increasing competition in e-commerce.

Do you also want to keep your online store up to date? Simply carry out all updates for your Shopware 6 store? Also run hourly and automatic Shopware import? Export stocks, product data, article master data and prices automatically from Pimcore and import them into Shopware?
With the Shopware Connector this is very easy! Simply connect your PIM or ERP system to CatalogExpress and let it run your data import into Shopware.

This way the update for Shopware 6 runs automatically in the background and your online store is always up-to-date. In addition, you also have the option of supplying other stores, marketplaces, feeds and platforms with product data.

The Shopware Connector for Pimcore!

With the Shopware Connector you can import data, assets, prices, product status, filters, product group assignments etc. from Pimcore into Shopware 6 quickly and easily without a separate Pimcore export.

Which functions do you benefit from?

  • Automatic updating of data in Shopware 6
  • Updating assets in Shopware 6
  • Update of the product status in Shopware 6
  • Variant update and support in Shopware 6
  • Update of the filter options in Shopware 6
  • Update of prices in Shopware 6
  • Assignment and update of product groups in Shopware 6
  • Update of visibility status in Shopware 6
  • Updating stocks in Shopware 6

Do you have any further questions?
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What is Shopware?
Shopware is a modular online store system that was first released in 2004. It allows online retailers to design their own online store flexibly and freely. It is available in commercial editions as well as an open source solution. Read more about Shopware 6 here!

More information about online store systems can be found here.

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