Connect marketplace connection: Synchronized order management and automated data updating

Connect and increase attractiveness on market is the leading consumer electronics retailer in Germany and offers its B2B customers an attractive online marketplace. But in order to present your products there in the best possible way, the associated data must be optimized and always up-to-date. CatalogExpress ensures automated data updates as well as the synchronization of transaction data on orders, invoices, etc. with PIM and ERP.

B2B marketplace optimizes purchasing experience for business customers is Germany’s leading mail-order electronics retailer and is known for good service and high quality everywhere. However, in order to offer its business customers even better service and a more comprehensive product selection, conrad launched the marketplace in 2017. The aim was also to give customers quick access to an even wider range of products.

To implement this vision, the marketplace software “Mirakl” was used. Within 9 months, the range was thus expanded by 500,000 products. Since then, Conrad’s B2B customers have also had an optimized shopping experience on the marketplace.

You want to sell your products at Conrad and thereby increase your attractiveness on the market?

By connecting our CatalogExpress solution to the Conrad marketplace, your product data is prepared precisely for the Conrad data structure and automatically imported. In addition, you can directly operate Mirakl’s API, i.e. the interface to the marketplace, and use a fully automated bidirectional exchange of data and documents.

After the first day of the project, you can already upload your first data to Conrad’s marketplace. In the process, your items are assigned to various categories on the marketplace platform according to their respective attributes. As a result, your customers will find exactly your products and goods much easier, faster and more targeted.

Connect and get support for data updates and order management!

CatalogExpress multichannel software retrieves your data from different sources, such as your ERP, PIM and DAM system (e.g. directly or via an FTP server). Item and product data, as well as prices and inventory data, are brought into the required format and data structure of In the ongoing process, your item data will then also be updated automatically at a time determined by you. No more tasks for you thanks to automation from CatalogExpress.

CatalogExpress also handles the processes for your transaction data and order management, i.e. data on orders, invoices, goods withdrawals from the warehouse, and so on. The software takes the respective data at the interface and outputs it to your ERP system in the format you require (e.g. XML, csv, openTRANS). This fully automated process leads to high cost and time savings for your company. The tasks that still need to be taken over are mainly done in your known systems (including PIM, ERP).

What added value does this create for you?

  • Automation of all processes to succeed on marketplaces and platforms like and focus on data optimization
  • Efficient work through process standardization and process transparency for all output channels like
    Data creation and provision at the push of a button or fully automated; no more manual work and drag’n’drop
  • Automated creation of individual EXCEL, CSV and BMEcat files as well as consideration of classifications according to ETIM, ECLASS, FABDIS or similar when connecting further platforms
  • Synchronization of orders between ERP system and Conrad (at the push of a button or fully automated)

Would you like to discuss your connection to or other marketplaces with us? Feel free to contact us.

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