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PimCore with ETIM export at Helestra

Pimcore with ETIM export at Helestra Leuchten GmbH

You have already met our two certified Pimcore Senior Developer and Pimcore as license free OpenSource software. Pimcore contains modules for PIM, MDM, DAM, CMS and Digital Commerce.

You can profit from the potential too! And how exactly this works, you will learn from the following Customer Experience from the premium lighting manufacturer Helestra Leuchten GmbH.

The requirements at Helestra were to develop a new, multilingual website, enable ETIM catalog exports and provide product data sheets on demand from Pimcore on the website. It is important for the company to be independent and to meet industry requirements such as product data according to the ETIM standard. Also it should be possible to maintain and manage the website independently.

Helestra chose nexoma as a partner for backend and frontend development. nexoma was chosen because of its many years of experience in product data solutions for standards such as BMEcat or FAB-DIS, for its know-how in the field of classifications according to ETIM and eCl@ss and its expert implementation in the front-end and back-end.

PIM connection to ERP system

Product data are imported from ERP system via an automatically generated XML data structure. Current data from the ERP is continuously delivered to the PIM and double data maintenance can be avoided. By comparing the import with past deliveries, the system works in a resource-saving manner and only imports any data changes that occur.

Website with product data and product data sheets

The website is multilingual in following languages: DE/EN/IT/FR. Helestra is able to expand it independently at any time. In addition, the implementation of a template toolbox allows the client to independently design and update both the company pages and the product portfolio.

The generation of data sheets for products is done on demand. As soon as a customer requests a product data sheet, it is generated ready for printing in real time. This means that every change is available live and directly to the customer – and in the desired CI/layout.

ETIM Generator from PIM system

Many things have also become simpler and faster for exports. The ETIM generator based on BMEcat 2005 (alternatively BMEcat 1.2) or ETIM 6 (later also ETIM 7 and ETIM 8) can be called directly in Pimcore. The product selection is done via attributes on the product. Afterwards the finished catalog is generated as a finished ZIP archive in Pimcore. This contains the catalog including all related assets. Thus it is possible to create a standard catalogue according to ETIM specifications with just a few clicks.

Conclusion of the customer: Helestra sees its requirements best represented by standards. The dynamic data model for the product data brings with it the highest flexibility and a future-oriented approach. This enables Helestra to provide product data and information on the website very quickly and easily. The time-to-market is reduced to a minimum. Christoph Schmitz, Managing Director of Helestra Leuchten GmbH, agrees: “With Pimcore from nexoma we have a professional tool that has become the heart of digitization in marketing and sales support for us”.

How can this be implemented for you? Just ask us!

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