Pimcore Connector in CatalogExpress

Pimcore Connector on CatalogExpress

Are you looking to seamlessly transfer product data from your Pimcore Product Information Management (PIM) system to various target channels such as Amazon, Conrad, Mercateo, etc., or target formats like BMEcat, XLSX, JSON, CSV, etc.—all efficiently automated and schedule-driven?

Thanks to the Pimcore Connector, you can optimize the utilization of images, texts, and other product information in CatalogExpress for data distribution and feed management. From there, effortlessly prepare your product data in various formats (FAB-DIS, BMEcat, XML, etc.) and for diverse channels (online shops, marketplaces, eProcurement platforms, etc.).

Subsequently, automate the distribution of product data. CatalogExpress acts as a bidirectional interface, not only allowing you to combine data from various sources with Pimcore data but also facilitating the import of data such as supplier information or inventory levels from platforms like Shopware 6 into your Pimcore or ERP system. Learn more about Pimcore, the Pimcore Connector, and its capabilities in our latest post.


What is Pimcore?

Pimcore is a comprehensive digital open-source platform integrating the functionalities of a Product Information Management (PIM) system. Additionally, it includes modules such as Master Data Management (MDM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Customer Data Platform (CDP), Digital Experience Platform (DXP/CMS), and Digital Commerce Platform. Pimcore adopts an advanced Microservices architecture in the MACHO style (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless, Open-Source). With pre-built components for data and experience management, Pimcore allows easy customization of digital solutions to meet your company’s unique needs.

Adhering to MACH principles, Pimcore, like CatalogExpress, follows the Composable Commerce approach, providing flexibility to shape your system infrastructure according to your specific requirements and preferences, enabling agile responses to new demands.


What does the Pimcore Connector offer?

In addition to the Composable Commerce approach, the Pimcore Connector in CatalogExpress offers numerous other possibilities.

Pimcore Amazon Connector

Effortlessly exchange product information bidirectionally between your Pimcore PIM, ERP, and Amazon with the Pimcore Amazon Connector in CatalogExpress. This means real-time transfer of product descriptions, images, and more from Pimcore to Amazon. Simultaneously, receive order and inventory data from Amazon to keep your ERP system up to date. Integrate various source systems or files, enabling connections with your ERP system to synchronize order information or price updates directly with Amazon. CatalogExpress acts as a middleware, facilitating near real-time data exchange. Automate order fulfillment, invoicing, delivery status, and shipping on Amazon to boost visibility, optimize processes, and minimize errors.

Pimcore Shopware Connector

With the Pimcore-Shopware Connector, exchange data seamlessly between Pimcore and Shopware 6 in both directions. Real-time synchronization enables seamless alignment of product information from Pimcore with your Shopware shop. This includes inventory, product variants, customer data, prices, and delivery options. If needed, retrieve this information from other sources such as EXCEL or your ERP system.

Pimcore BMEcat Connector

Automate and implement data standards like BMEcat 2005 or BMEcat 1.2 with ETIM or ECLASS classification in real-time using the Pimcore BMEcat Connector in CatalogExpress. This ensures smooth supply to wholesalers (e.g., Sonepar, DEHA, Rexel, etc.) and B2B platforms like Mercateo Unite or InstallData. Additionally, classification and version changes in CatalogExpress become significantly easier.


CatalogExpress makes Data-Onboarding from suppliers, purchasing groups, or industry portals (such as Open-Data-Check, Mitegro, etc.) effortless for you. Regardless of the format in which you receive data—be it EXCEL, CSV, JSON, FAB-DIS, DATANORM, BMEcat, or XML—CatalogExpress enables rapid and without difficulty transformation of all data formats for integration into your Pimcore PIM system.

Additional Feed-Management Options

Unlock diverse feed management possibilities with the Pimcore Connector, tailored precisely to your customers’ unique needs. Maximize precision using the Pimcore Connector to create tailored product feeds meeting customers’ and eCommerce channels’ specific requirements with ease. CatalogExpress offers an extensive range of checks and functionalities to adapt data, such as weight specifications. The result: heightened customer satisfaction, increased listing success and visibility, and a boost in revenue in omnichannel sales.

This affords you maximum flexibility. Automatically generate product feeds in various formats, including JSON, XML, BMEcat with classifications (e.g., ETIM, ECLASS, or UNSPSC), DATANORM, FAB-DIS, EXCEL, and more.

Expand your omnichannel distribution further. Seamlessly utilize the Pimcore Connector to supply channels like eBay, Amazon, Mercateo, Conrad, Otto, simple system, GS1, InstallData with your product data at the touch of a button.


Your Benefits with the Pimcore Connector

Attain utmost flexibility and clear role division among data, IT, product, and sales teams.

Users can be divided based on their individual competencies. Content managers maintain product data in Pimcore, sales/ecommerce teams use CatalogExpress for automated e-catalog creation. This division ensures that the right recipients always receive high-quality data. By automating your omnichannel sales, you save valuable time and significantly improve collaboration with your customers and eCommerce partners.

What are you waiting for? Get to know our Pimcore Connector and schedule a free consultation now.

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