exchange format FAB-DIS

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The FAB-DIS exchange format has been established on the French market for more than 5 years. Also it has proven itself with several hundred manufacturers (French: fabricants; short: FAB) and dealers (French: distributeurs; short: DIS). FAB-DIS is considered the most advanced exchange format in France. It is based on the German BMEcat standard.

More and more companies, especially in the construction industry and building technology, are deciding to offer or request the output format. FAB-DIS explains: “From bathroom equipment and tools to decorative and sanitary articles, FAB-DIS adapts to the problems of the construction sector”.

Do you already get the request to provide a FAB-DIS format?

CatalogExpress helps you to meet the requirements. We will provide you with information about the creation of electronic catalogues in FAB-DIS format.

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