HellermannTyton – eCatalog with 60.000 articles and awards

HellermannTyton GmbH (Tornesch) produces more than 60,000 articles on the subject of cables. The production of electronic catalogs takes up to 3 months, because the data from different source systems must be merged and qualified. The catalogs are created according to strict electronic standards (e.g. BMEcat) and classifications (e.g. ETIM and ECLASS)

Project idea: An Customer-specific ecatalog at the push of a button

  • It should be possible to automatically create customer-specific electronic catalogs in various formats such as XML, XLS or CSV.
  • A smooth and fast update option for the contents is particularly important.
  • In order to meet the standard requirements specified by the wholesale trade, it is necessary to prepare data coming from two different source systems for compilation.

Solution: with nexoma CatalogExpress enables fast, customized catalog creation

  • With nexoma CatalogExpress, the creation time for customized catalogs was reduced to 1 hour. New catalog data can be provided on a daily basis or more frequently if required.
  • The first automatically generated catalogs were sent to customers after only 2 months. The integration into other systems (merchandise management, PIM) took 6 months.
  • Flexible processing of different data formats (BMEcat, ETIM, EDIFACT PRICAT, DATANORM, etc.) is also possible.
  • Furthermore, the wholesale partners can process HellermannTyton’s product data quickly and easily in their ERP systems.
  • Smooth implementation can take place during ongoing operations.
  • Now an increased and tested product data quality is available.

Technology / Standards

nexoma CatalogExpress
BMEcat 1.2, BMEcat 2005
ETIM 4.0, ETIM 5.0, ETIM 6.0, ETIM 7.0, EClASS

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