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ETIM 9 is coming – nexoma offers analysis of ETIM data


On 04 October 2021, the ETIM International Board of Directors decided to shorten the release cycle to two years. This means that the new version ETIM 9 will be released as early as November 2022. Some companies are still in the process of making or planning the changes from ETIM 7 to ETIM 8. nexoma can help with an analysis of your ETIM 7 data and simplify and optimise the product data maintenance.

Data standards, such as ETIM, are designed to guarantee uniform and consistent data – especially for easy data exchange between manufacturers and retailers – in different industries. Regular versioning of a data standard is essential. They are also absolutely necessary in order to react to market changes and innovations. However, these changes cannot be taken into realisation immediately.

This is also the case at ETIM. The last version, ETIM 8, was just released in 2020. The current update cycle of 3 years was therefore ended in November of last year. The new major release with the expansion of the WEBA sector (tools, hardware and business equipment) was still valid. However, the ETIM Association is now paying tribute to the constantly accelerating market movements as well as the innovative strength of the participating companies. The international ETIM Board is reducing the updates of the versions from previously 3 years to now 2 years.

The change in turn means that the new version ETIM 9 will already be released in 2022. With 1 November 2022, ETIM 9 will specify the current specifications for the electrical, SHK and WEBA sectors. Therefore, adjustments to the newly added sectors will be made much faster. The quality and quantity of the product data will thus be significantly increased.

All companies concerned now have to face two challenges, partly in parallel: the changes from ETIM 7 to ETIM 8 and equally from ETIM 8 to ETIM 9.
Changes in version ETIM 9 can be viewed continuously at ETIM-CMT by setting filters on the changed classes and the industries concerned.

Preparing for ETIM 9: Analysing your data for changes from ETIM 7 to ETIM 8

nexoma helps with the preparation of the data management in order to carry out a simple and quick data adjustment for the product data. For this purpose, you will receive a detailed analysis from us with a change comparison of your existing ETIM 7 data to the current ETIM 8 classification. The report is on an article basis and represents the template for data updating: Has a class changed, if so, which one and what is the new class? The same is available for the ETIM Features and Values. The result of the analysis is an overview with references to necessary updates.

At the same time you also get a check of all your ETIM classes, features and values that have been maintained. The result here tells you whether your data is correctly maintained from an ETIM point of view: Does the class exist? Are the values valid? Does the maintained characteristic exist? The correct assessment of the content is carried out by you.

What do you need to get from us the ETIM analysis?

In the best case, we should get a BMEcat from you for the analysis. However, an EXCEL / CSV file with very little information is also suitable.

Are you interested in an analysis of your ETIM data? Then please contact us immediately.

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