Automatically data upload

Create and upload data automatically with Catalog Express

Create the data every evening at 8pm and upload it to the marketplace!

Especially in eCommerce or eBusiness the actuality of the data is crucial for a successful sale of the products. But probably you as a manufacturer or supplier encounter the following problems more often:

  • Do you have to provide data at a certain time or on a regular basis on a marketplace or platform of your retailer?
  • Your network resources should be conserved and you want to create and push new data every evening at 8 pm?
  • You need to remember that you should have your data ready by 12 noon next Friday?

And in addition to updating your data, you also want regular data provision at the beginning of a year for listing with your wholesaler to be automatic?

With CatalogExpress all this is no longer a problem! Thanks to this intelligent software solution, you no longer need to remember anything. Simply set up when the catalog creation and upload of the generated data should take place – hourly? Daily? Weekly or monthly? Rather at 6 o’clock or at 20 o’clock? Or every Monday at 8 a.m. the special items and additionally on the 1st of each month the complete assortment? Just rely on CatalogExpress while you can busy yourself with other things in the meantime!

So night runs always start as planned and independently. You not only save time, but also the network capacities of your company. By automating regular updates, you can also keep your inventory in marketplaces and stores always up-to-date.

And the best part?

CatalogExpress can do all of this, regardless of the type of data: whether it’s article master data, product data (e.g. classifications such as BMEcat, ETIM, etc.), assets (e.g. images), stock / inventory data.

Assisted in the automation and scaling of your online business you will be supported from now on by CronJobs or Scheduled Processes.

Did we arouse your interest or do you have further questions? Then please contact us!

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