Change to ETIM 8.0 becomes mandatory (incl. Proficl@ss)

Change to ETIM 8.0 becomes mandatory (incl. Proficl@ss)

From ETIM 7.0 to ETIM 8.0! I need to know this!

To be successful in eCommerce and eProcurement, it is not enough to have perfect product data internally. Data exchange with retailers and marketplaces must also run smoothly and automatically. Only then can this data be optimally integrated into store systems and marketplaces as an eCatalog, and the products marketed in the best possible way.

The ETIM classification model enables this exchange of product data in the electrical engineering sector and related industries. For this purpose, a manufacturer-neutral classification of articles is carried out. First, they are assigned to a specific ETIM class. Then, different properties and characteristics are assigned to each article within these classes. This makes it possible to find technical products by means of the class or the technical characteristics, irrespective of the supplier.
The exchange of ETIM data usually takes place via BMEcat, which was specially developed for the exchange of electronic data.

Since all parties use the same product and catalog database, no data formatting or adaptation is necessary. Thus, many costs and also time can be saved. You want to prepare or check data according to ETIM 8? Please contact us!

In 2017, with version ETIM 7.0, the SHK sector (sanitary, heating, air conditioning, ventilation) was integrated for the first time in addition to the electrical sector.

This is new:

Since November 1, 2020, ETIM 8 has now been published. With the new version, the sector WEBA (tools, hardware and business equipment) was now added, which is due to the integration of the Proficl@ss data model. With the new classes (from 4,273 to now 5,050 classes) in the electrical, SHK and WEBA sectors, product data management can be made even more efficient.

proficl@ss had focused on the production connection trade with the sectors construction, building services and industrial supplies. Here the interest of the manufacturers is very high to cooperate together with the trade like Nordwest or EDE.
At the 16th general meeting of proficl@ss, it was decided to continue the work done by proficl@ss over the past 16 years in ETIM. This will also make it part of an international standard that is already used in 21 countries today.

How to download ETIM 8.0

ETIM 8.0 is available for download in the internal member area on

In order to facilitate the transition from ETIM 7.0, mapping tables are also available to ETIM member companies, which also contain, for the first time, concrete predecessor-successor relationships on characteristic and value level.

Do you need support with the ETIM classification or an entry aid for multi-classification (ETIM 7, ETIM 8, ECLASS, …) or the mapping of the different ETIM models? We would be happy to analyze the need for adaptation based on your data.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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