Akeneo Connector in CatalogExpress

Akeneo Connector on CatalogExpress


CatalogExpress now offers an Akeneo standard interface. Akeneo, a leading PIM provider globally, prioritizes open-source principles, user-friendliness, and adaptable third-party interfaces, aligning with MACH principles and the Composable Commerce approach.

Easily prepare and distribute data in various formats (FAB-DIS, BMEcat, XML, etc.) for diverse channels (online shops, marketplaces, eProcurement platforms, etc.). CatalogExpress acts as a bidirectional interface, enabling the merging of data from different sources with Akeneo data and importing data (e.g., supplier data or stock levels from Shopware) into Akeneo.

Learn more about Akeneo and explore the possibilities offered by our Akeneo Connector in our latest post.


Who is Akeneo?

Akeneo helps businesses enhance customer experiences and foster loyalty by leveraging their product information. Offering various models like Akeneo Product Cloud, a SaaS-based solution, and PIM systems in Community, Growth, and Enterprise editions.

Akeneo is also a MACH-certified PIM system, aligning with Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless principles. These principles, shared by CatalogExpress as well, support a composable platform, allowing flexible component exchange and extension.


What does the Akeneo Connector offer?

Beyond the Composable Commerce approach, the Akeneo interface in CatalogExpress presents many additional possibilities.

Akeneo Amazon Connector

Effortlessly exchange product information bidirectionally between Akeneo PIM and Amazon in real time. Thereby, CatalogExpress acts as a middleware for real-time data exchange, automating order fulfillment and optimizing Amazon visibility.

Akeneo Shopware Connector

Synchronize product information between Akeneo and Shopware in real time, facilitating processes such as real-time inventory updates and exchange of new product variants or custom prices.

Akeneo BMEcat Connector

Data standards such as BMEcat 2005 or BMEcat 1.2 with ETIM or ECLASS classification are seamlessly automated and executed in real-time through the Akeneo BMEcat Connector in CatalogExpress. This enables effortless supply to wholesalers and B2B platforms like Mercateo Unite or InstallData. Additionally, CatalogExpress streamlines classification and version transitions with ease.

Data Onboarding

Simplify the onboarding of data from suppliers, purchasing groups, or industry portals with various data formats (Open-Data-Check, Mitegro etc.). CatalogExpress supports quick transformation and integration of data in formats like EXCEL, CSV, JSON, FAB-DIS, DATANORM, BMEcat, XML, etc., into your PIM system.

Feed Management

In addition to onboarding diverse data formats, CatalogExpress offers unlimited possibilities in feed management and data output. Generate customized product feeds in various formats such as JSON, XML, BMEcat with classification (e.g., ETIM, ECLASS, or UNSPSC), DATANORM, FAB-DIS, EXCEL, etc., with the Akeneo Connector.

Here, you have maximum flexibility. You can automatically generate product feeds in various formats such as JSON, XML, BMEcat with classification (e.g., ETIM, ECLASS, or UNSPSC), DATANORM, FAB-DIS, EXCEL, and more. Alternatively, expand your omnichannel distribution by effortlessly supplying channels like eBay, Amazon, Mercateo, Conrad, Otto, Simple System, GS1, InstallData with your product data at the push of a button using the Akeneo Connector.


Harness the benefits of the Akeneo Connector

Experience not just maximum flexibility but also a clear role distribution among data management, IT, product management, and sales.

Users can be assigned based on their competencies. Content managers use Akeneo for maintaining product data, while sales and e-commerce professionals utilize CatalogExpress for automated e-catalog creation. This ensures that high-quality data is always delivered to the right recipients. By automating your omnichannel distribution, you save valuable time and enhance collaboration with your data recipients.

What are you waiting for? Get to know our Akeneo Connector and schedule a free consultation now.

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