nexoma technology

UDOBÄR – Range expansion with nexoma technology

As an internationally operating mail order company for office and business equipment, the product portfolio of Udo Bär GmbH und Co KG (Duisburg) comprises more than 60,000 articles. The products are published in the company’s own online store as well as in a main catalog with more than 1,100 pages published annually. The quality of the product data supplied by the suppliers is the most important prerequisite for smooth order processing and optimal sales support.

Objective:Uniform quality of product master data along the supply chain.

  • The product data supplied by suppliers must meet uniform quality criteria and standards and be prepared accordingly.
  • Connection of the suppliers via the web.
  • The purchasing department or product data management selects the desired products via data editing for transfer to the in-house systems.

Solution: The nexoma technology supplier portal automates business processes around product data.

  • nexoma Supplier Portal automatically checks the product data for completeness, plausibility and validity when they are loaded into the portal by the suppliers.
  • Improvements are made on the basis of a test report. Thereby incorrect product data are avoided and processes are optimized.
  • The solution is also supplemented by functions for up-to-date, day-based delivery time maintenance options for suppliers.
  • The software provides templates for uploading structured data in the form of lists or tables as “data packages”.
  • Also multimedia data such as images, documents, URLs are integrated.
  • The status of all data imports is transparent for the product managers at all times.

Technology / Standards

BMEcat 1.2, BMEcat 2005,
PBSeasy XML, Excel
Workflow Engine

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