Multiclassification Pimcore

Multiclassification with Pimcore – what are the advantages for you?

Multiclassification with Pimcore

Thanks to the ETIM classification model, an electronic exchange of product data is standardised in a wide range of industries. The data exchange between manufacturer and retailer is thus clear, fast and smooth.

But what happens when a supplier keeps his product data in an older ETIM version and his customer demands the latest version? It often happens that one of our customers still uses ETIM 7.0, but the customer with whom he wants to exchange data already uses the new version ETIM 8.0.

We have a solution for this: Multiclassification with Pimcore.

This enables the product data maintenance of your ETIM data version by version.

What are the advantages of multi-classification with Pimcore for you as a manufacturer or retailer?

  • You can maintain your data in different ETIM versions (or in general in different
    classifications and classification versions).
  • Product data can be managed and maintained in a classification-neutral way and extended by required classifications.
  • You can enter all classifications/versions etc. in one system. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments when creating electronic catalogues.
  • The presentation of the different ETIM versions can now be done much more clearly
  • New classifications or classification versions can be added quickly and easily; classifications that are no longer required can be removed just as quickly and easily.

Do you have any questions? Then please do not hesitate to contact us!

Does the creation and maintenance of product data in your company still need optimisation? Then a PIM system is exactly what you need! High-quality product data is of vital importance in today’s world and a must-have for successful operation on the market. We would be happy to advise you on this.

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