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Exchange of experience and knowledge transfer with nexoma

To exchange and learn from each other…

…This is the basic idea behind the events that nexoma regularly organizes in cooperation with the digital and advertising agency Spark + Sparkling. Under the name “MeetUp” or “ERFA”, meetings are held 2-4 times a year either digitally or on site (depending on the situation). Of course, each meeting is held under strict confidentiality agreements, all topics discussed remain in the round.

Usually 1-2 employees from a maximum of 5-6 companies from different industries are present. This way they are not in competition with each other and an exchange can take place freely. However, the companies should be structurally similar and deal with the same topics or problems and challenges. So everyone can learn from each other’s experiences.

Each meeting starts with an introduction round – newcomers briefly tell something about the company and their task. Then one of the companies gives a presentation, e.g. on a current topic, problems, challenges, etc. It is up to the companies themselves to decide what they want to report on. Common topics are product data, product data management, classifications and standards, online marketing, eCommerce, eBusiness. But also the different roles of manufacturers and retailers. Interactively, all participants gain mutual insight into different ways of thinking and approaches, can exchange ideas, ask questions and discuss current topics.

Are you also interested in a relaxed and informative exchange? Then simply contact us. We are always happy to hear from new companies that are participating in one of our many events!

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Julia Neuhäuser

Julia ist seit März 2022 in unserem Marketingteam. Als Bachelor of Arts im Dienstleistungsmarketing versorgt Julia euch u. a. mit Inhalten zu Marketingthemen, Success-Storys und zur NEXIpedia.