CatalogExpress mit Standardschnittstelle zu crossbase

crossbase standard interface within CatalogExpress.


CatalogExpress now offers you a crossbase standard interface. crossbase is a provider of a modular software solution for PIM, MAM, CMS, eCommerce, and Cross Media Publishing.

In the future, you will retrieve images, texts, and other product information from the crossbase PIM through CatalogExpress. From there, you can easily format and distribute the data in various formats (FAB-DIS, BMEcat, XML, etc.) and for different channels (Online Shop, marketplaces, eProcurement platforms, etc.).

Read more about crossbase and the benefits of our partnership in our latest article.


Who is crossbase?

crossbase mediasolution GmbH is headquartered in Böblingen, in the southern part of Germany. With the crossbase software solution, you have access to a centralized Oracle database that covers all functionalities of PIM, MAM, and CMS, enabling the creation of both printed and digital content. This allows you to serve all sales channels and markets from a single data source, significantly streamlining your workflow.

Depending on your needs, you can utilize various modules offered by crossbase, such as the PIM/MAM module.


PIM and MAM Module by crossbase

In the crossbase PIM, you can manage product structures, product features, and product relationships (e.g., spare parts and accessories). For optimizing data maintenance, crossbase also provides inheritance functions. In the Media Asset Management (MAM), you compile photos, graphics, documents, videos, and CAD drawings in a media-neutral manner.

Text Management: The PIM and MAM modules also offer text management, allowing you to use text modules for recurring product properties (e.g., matte or glossy). You create these once and can then select them for different products. Additionally, crossbase includes a direct interface to ChatGPT Pro, making it easy to generate texts and significantly reducing your maintenance effort.

Channel Output Management: Using Channel Output Management, you can create assortment and price lists tailored to specific markets or countries. These can be taken into account when creating electronic catalogs or print catalogs.

Workflow Management: In crossbase, you have the option to use traffic light signals to check the completeness and currency of your product data. Progress indicators, maintenance wizards, and color markings also assist you in data maintenance.


Additional Modules by crossbase

In addition to PIM and MAM, crossbase also offers the following modules:

  • Translation Management
  • Data Provisioning
  • Headless CMS
  • Self-Service Media Portal
  • Print Publishing
  • Office Integration

With crossbase, you have the flexibility to pursue both the Best-of-Suite approach (a solution for everything) and the Best-of-Breed approach (specialized individual solutions for different areas). If you opt for the Best-of-Breed approach, CatalogExpress, with its crossbase standard interface, provides the perfect complement for your omnichannel distribution.


What benefits do you gain from the crossbase standard interface?

With the Best-of-Breed approach, you leverage the most suitable software for different areas of product data management, avoiding compromises with a single solution. This allows you to maintain maximum flexibility and independence from a single system.


crossbase PIM as the Single Point of Truth

By utilizing the crossbase Connector in CatalogExpress, you can harness the advantages of the Best-of-Breed approach. You can use crossbase as your PIM or DAM, ideally making crossbase your Single Point of Truth for product information.

A Single Point of Truth (SPoT) is a centralized and unified data repository serving as the sole reliable source for all relevant product information. This ensures that your employees and systems can access the same, up-to-date, and reliable product information. As a result, you benefit from more efficient processes and consistent customer communication.


CatalogExpress as the Single Point of Distribution

In turn, you use CatalogExpress as the Single Point of Distribution.

Your product data and assortments are retrieved from the crossbase PIM. CatalogExpress also enables the retrieval of data not stored in crossbase, such as additional item master data (e.g., prices) from the ERP and Excel files.

Subsequently, you map the data from your sources to the desired target structure once. In CatalogExpress, various output formats are possible, including Excel, XML, JSON, DATANORM, or CSV. Additionally, you can generate standards such as BMEcat 1.2 or BMEcat 2005 with ETIM or ECLASS, or utilize templates for data provisioning for platforms like Shopware 6, Mercateo, Conrad, Amazon, and more.

This ensures that all data recipients, such as your Shopware shop, marketplaces, or even your customers, have access to current and accurate data from your crossbase PIM. This simplifies the management of your catalog data, prevents errors, and enables unified access to the data in crossbase.


Clear Role Allocation and Automated Omnichannel Distribution

CatalogExpress as the Single Point of Distribution and crossbase as the Single Point of Truth also provide a clear role allocation. Users can be divided based on their expertise and interests. Content managers utilize crossbase for product data maintenance.

Sales and eCommerce employees, on the other hand, use CatalogExpress for catalog creation. This ensures that high-quality data is seamlessly transmitted to the right places at all times. Your omnichannel distribution can be completely automated, saving valuable time and enhancing collaboration with your data recipients.

CatalogExpress automates omnichannel distribution and keeps your data management as flexible as a chameleon.”


Become a Data Chameleon with CatalogExpress

CatalogExpress, acting as a Data Chameleon, allows you to flexibly connect to various target channels. You can export product data feeds to your target channels (e.g., marketplaces) and import product or order data into your internal systems (e.g., your Shopware 6 shop). CatalogExpress serves as a data hub, connecting different internal and external sources. Consequently, you enhance collaboration in all directions of your omnichannel distribution.

Furthermore, the relevance and utilization of the crossbase PIM become even more significant, as the entire sales or e-business operations depend on perfect data from the PIM for use in CatalogExpress. The acceptance of your PIM system increases


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