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We are reforesting for a green IT future

The city of Arnsberg has invited under the motto “Arnsberg forstet up – plant trees for the future” for the third time to the public planting action. On Saturday, March 12, 2022, from 10:00 to 13:00, motivated tree planters met on the Hülsberg in the Arnsberg city forest. We at nexoma are also committed to a green IT future. It is close to our hearts to further reduce our CO2 footprint. So it was no question for our team to help with this action. Together with many other volunteers, 800 English oaks, 200 hornbeams and 500 Douglas firs were planted.

As a company based in Neheim, we have been observing for a long time how storms, drought and infestation by the bark beetle are affecting our surrounding forests. It was therefore a matter of course to actively support the “Arnsberg Forstet auf” campaign.

How does such a planting action work?

At 11:30 a.m. on the aforementioned Saturday, we set out for the Arnsberg city forest, armed with spades and gloves. There the city forester welcomed us and gave us a first briefing. When planting the seedlings, it is very important not to bend the roots but to dig them straight into the soil. This way the young plants get a good hold directly. Fortunately, holes for the seedlings were already pre-milled. Our team was scheduled for 1 hour of reforestation. Those who wanted could support this event together with their families. With the help of the city forestry workers, about 1,500 plants were put into the ground that day. It was just as important to water the plants afterwards.

For our team this event ended comfortably with a barbecue in a nearby barbecue hut. Chatting around the campfire, we realized once again how important it is to work for a green IT future. Some of the things we’ve been doing in everyday business for a long time are actually sustainable. Unfortunately, we fail to explicitly point this out in everyday life. Only through the conversations in the team, we have become aware of more and more things.

This is how sustainable nexoma already works

Since moving into the nexoma premises in Neheim, Guido, as boss, has declared that he has a paperless office. In fact, you will find only a few file folders in our offices and also only few papers. All documents are filed digitally and we also prefer to receive invoices in electronic form. But that is only a small part of our sustainable work. Another point is reducing trips to the office by working in a home office. If all nexomites set off for work at the same time, the total distance traveled would be around 380 km. This would result in enormously high CO2 emissions, which can be reduced by working from home. Before Corona, the home office and the company laptop already played a major role, and this will remain the case after Corona. If someone does work in the office, motion sensors control the lights in the rooms. The electricity we use is green, of course.

We want our future to be even greener! We want to focus even more intensively on the topic of sustainability. Be curious to see how things progress with us. We are continuing to develop our green IT future!

If you would like to work with us on a green IT future, please contact us!

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Susanne Ernst

Susanne ist seit 2016 bei nexoma. Als gelernte Industriekauffrau und Fachkauffrau Marketing, ist sie die gute Seele und unser Allround-Talent. Sie kümmert sich bei uns um Personal-, Marketing-, Vertriebs- und Organisationsthemen. Susanne versorgt euch u. a. mit Inhalten zu unserer Unternehmenskultur, Mitarbeiterevents, Partnerschaften von nexoma und Marketingthemen.