Product configurator connected to Pimcore for Helestra

Success Story – Product configurator connected to Pimcore

Helestra is a brand for high-quality design lighting for all applications around home. For many decades, the company has been manufacturing lights near Dresden. The company name has been around since 1990 and carries its origins from the companies HEIdenreich, LEhmann, STRAngfeld.

Base Case

Due to the numerous different products, optimized product data plays a major role in the lighting industry. Therefore, the luminaire manufacturer has been supported by the nexoma-developed Pimcore for all tasks related to product data maintenance for a long time. In the meantime, the open source solution has become an indispensable tool for Helestra in marketing their products. The company is supported by nexoma as a partner for backend and frontend development.

But the company faced a challenge with the development of a new design lighting system. The new system was both technically very demanding and diverse in its possible applications. Now the question arose of how to simultaneously make the planning process via the homepage more attractive and optimally support the customer in the detailed execution of the product without losing the focus on the product design.

Solution approach with product configurator for the retail partner
Modular lighting system “add-it” with online configurator as marketing tool

The idea was to develop a product configurator that stands out from the very technical configuration solutions known on the market in terms of design. A solution that is visually appealing and easy to use for the retail partner creates planning security and added value for the customer.

A product configurator displays different product variants in 3D optics. This allows every user to view the product with its different features and characteristics and to put together his or her favorite individually. Different variations can thus be tested quickly and easily.

Implementation of the project

In collaboration, nexoma and Helestra jointly developed the solution and implemented the project in agile processes. The main focus was on creating an optimal benefit for the customer. Fortunately, an integration of the product configurator in Pimcore is possible without any problems, so that the project could be carried out quickly and without complications. Nexoma acted in a combination of technical implementation and accompanying design.

Thanks to the online configurator, planning the “add-it” lighting system is simple and error-free. The configurator can be operated without prior knowledge. Users can display lamps in different shapes and colors there and edit their size as desired. In addition, stock levels can be displayed and accessories matching the lamps can be selected.

Produktkonfigurator   Produktkonfigurator

Added value of the implementation

Without a configurator, the planning of lighting systems is complex and error-prone and therefore not very customer-friendly. Thanks to the implemented solution, the process can now be operated intuitively and without prior knowledge. In addition, Helestra can now meet all of its customers’ requirements because they get a much better overview of the product segment and the offers are tailored to the customer. Therefore, a significantly increased market acceptance is expected for the specific product. Why don’t you try out the product configurator for yourself?

How did Helestra feel about the collaboration?

Statement of the managing director Christoph Schmitz: “Thank you for the always personal and professional cooperation. Especially the joint solution finding and flexible approach during the project was pleasant and made the good result possible in the first place. I’ll be back!”

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