Hohe Zufriedenheit beim Heinze-Lieferantenportal

High Satisfaction with Heinze Supplier Portal


Since June 2021, Heinze GmbH has been utilizing our Data Onboarding software, the Supplier-Portal, for their supplier platform (Heinze Supplier Portal – heinze-lieferantenportal.de). This platform enables specialty retailers in the construction industry (e.g., Hagebau, bauvista) to access data from approximately 160 of Germany’s most renowned building material manufacturers. The data exchange is facilitated through the DPB standard, a protocol co-developed by our company.

The latest satisfaction survey indicates a high level of contentment with the Heinze Supplier Portal. For a comprehensive overview of the survey results and to learn about the advantages the Heinze Supplier Portal offers to manufacturers and specialty retailers, please refer to our latest article.


What is the Heinze Supplier Portal?

The Heinze Supplier Portal is an online platform for the construction industry, operated by Heinze GmbH. It serves as a central hub for building material manufacturers and specialty retail companies to manage and maintain product master data. Data is exchanged and updated in the DPB standard format. The DPB format is a data standard specifically developed for the building material industry.


What are the benefits of the Heinze Supplier Portal?

Through the Heinze Supplier Portal, retailers gain access to data from approximately 160 of the most renowned building material manufacturers in Germany. The portal streamlines data acquisition and maintenance through a centralized platform, saving time. Manufacturers upload their product data catalog once into the Heinze Supplier Portal and do not need to communicate with various retailers. This simplifies and accelerates their outreach to a broad network of specialty retailers. Currently, more than 650 companies and corporations in the building material retail sector use the Heinze Supplier Portal. They benefit from reduced communication efforts with manufacturers and automated data and price maintenance within their own ERP systems. These advantages contribute to high customer satisfaction.


The Heinze Supplier Portal is predominantly rated as “good” and “very good.”

Heinze’s current satisfaction analysis confirms the growing user base and success of the Supplier Portal. The result: high satisfaction with Heinze Supplier Portal. The portal is widely used across companies of all sizes, with most users from purchasing, IT, and executive management.

Nearly two-thirds of current users rate the Heinze Supplier Portal as “Excellent” or “Good.”

Heinze’s successful implementation of our Supplier Portal and the high satisfaction it has generated make us proud. We anticipate ongoing collaboration with Heinze to improve the Supplier Portal’s adoption in the construction industry

Interested in implementing a Supplier Portal like Heinze’s? Feel free to contact us without obligation.

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