Contentserv and nexoma CatalogExpress

CatalogExpress with standard interface to Contentserv

The newly formed partnership between nexoma and Contentserv is a win-win for all nexoma customers who use Contentserv or are looking for a professional PIM solution. Our CatalogExpress solution now includes a standard interface to Contentserv. Our newly developed interface now enables the retrieval of product data. But also of assortments and favorites directly from Contentserv PIM. This means that our customers no longer need to invest in the project-related development of an individual interface. We are looking forward to working in partnership with Contentserv.

Who is Contentserv?

Contentserv, a recognized technology provider, offers an intelligent solution for brands and retailers to manage and optimize product data across channels and create groundbreaking and compelling product experiences.

Based in Rohrbach, Bavaria, Contentserv’s vision is to create an all-in-one platform. This is designed to enable companies to offer a channel-specific, frictionless and highly personalized buying experience. With a wide range of standard functions, customer requirements from retailers to brands, can be served without extension, creating an individual product experience.

What added value does the standard interface to Contentserv offer CatalogExpress customers?

Our newly developed standard interface to Contentserv is an asset for all those who use Contentserv and place particular value on the creation of product data catalogs, feed management and data syndication.

For example, product data can be used for distribution or export from Contentserv. This involves direct access to the attributes in Contentserv in order to create a mapping in CatalogExpress. Electronic catalogs or feeds can thus be easily and individually routed to customers, marketplaces and platforms.
CatalogExpress also enables the integration of additional data that is not stored in the PIM. In this way, product data is combined and merged with article master data from the ERP and other Excel data, among other things. By accessing the data from different data sources (systems and files), you can create individual files in CatalogExpress in individual formats such as EXCEL, XML, JSON, CSV. It is also possible to generate standards such as BMEcat, DPB and many more. Templates for Amazon or BMEcat 1.2 / 2005, for example, are also already integrated.
With the direct interface between Contentserv and CatalogExpress, fully automated product data management processes are possible. As a customer, you only have to set up the relevant channel profile once, and CatalogExpress ensures that the latest data from the PIM is integrated at all times. A great added value for the user!

Further advantages at a glance:

  • configuration is simple and clearly arranged in the CatalogExpress interface
  • the interface or the connection between the two systems is established simply by entering certain parameters (including API URL, API user, API password).

CatalogExpress – our tool for inter-company communication of product data

Customer-specific product data for electronic catalogs such as BMEcat, ETIM, GS1/atrify, ECLASS or FAB DIS, play a crucial role in any successful sales concept. The collection of data from different source systems (like at least PIM and ERP) and the individual transfer to the customers, is a real challenge, especially for large assortments. CatalogExpress, the software we developed, offers the optimal solution for this. This is because CatalogExpress for electronic catalogs collects the data from the various source systems, checks it and prepares it according to the specified requirements of the customers, marketplaces and platforms. It is therefore the perfect tool for inter-company communication of product data (e.g. between manufacturer and retailer) along the content supply chain.

Come to the product data party – get to know us and Contentserv!

Don’t miss the event for product data management in South Westphalia – the Produktdatengaudi.

When? 21.06.2022, 09:30-18:00 hrs.

Where? Steinbergs Alm – Wildewiese 1, 59846 Sundern, Germany

Costs incl. catering? until 20.05.2022 Early Bird: 49 € / afterwards 79 €

The number of participants is limited. It pays to be quick. Click here to register!

Product data management and fun – hardly anyone can imagine that in practice. You probably know it yourself from your everyday life: You spend enormous amounts of time preparing the various item information for your store, your marketplaces such as Amazon or other platforms. In addition, your product range is constantly changing and it is a challenge to have all e-commerce channels always on the same level.

You want to learn more about Contentserv and our partnership! Get in touch with us today.


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