App Prozessoptimierung

Viatraffic – Control of a speed display panel via app for process optimization

Process optimization of the control of a speed display panel via app

Via Traffic Controlling GmbH from Leverkusen offers various radar sensor concepts in traffic engineering. Among other things, Via Traffic Controlling produces speed display boards, as they are often found in residential areas or in front of schools / kindergartens.

Objective: User-friendly device control via app

You can customize the speed display panels with different speed indicators, texts, text colors and also graphics (e.g. smileys).
However, up to now, the technicians had to make the settings on site with a laptop in a relatively complicated way. A more user-friendly solution was therefore needed.

Solution: Development of an app for process optimization with an expansion stage towards IoT

nexoma designed and developed an app that allows technicians to easily and intuitively customize the display panels using a tablet-based interface. This greatly simplifies processing and reduces processing times.
The app is used for internal process optimization at ViaTraffic and is therefore not freely accessible.

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