Simplified BMEcat processing with one million product data at Xt Supply


Xt Supply GmbH, based in Oelde, is a supplier specializing in packaging, office supplies, and storage and operational equipment. Serving as a comprehensive system provider for businesses of all sizes and profiles, Xt Supply offers an extensive product range exceeding one million items.

Beyond delivering a broad array of standardized products, Xt Supply excels in successfully implementing customized solutions for its clients.


Current Situation

Xt Supply primarily receives product data from its suppliers in the form of BMEcat files. These files vary in structure and quality depending on the supplier. Often, they contain different types of information. For instance, some BMEcat files may include classifications, while others may lack User Defined Extensions.

Until now, Xt Supply manually compiled these differently structured BMEcat files into a consolidated BMEcat file. Subsequently, the product data catalogs for customers, marketplaces, and eProcurement platforms were created individually and manually. With over a million products, the BMEcat processing was thus highly time-consuming.



Xt Supply GmbH sought a solution to simplify BMEcat processing and facilitate the provision of product data to its customers and eProcurement platforms (e.g., Unite, Conrad, Meplato, Simple-System).

Crucially, the ability to autonomously process product data was a key consideration. For this reason, Xt Supply GmbH opted for the CatalogExpress Data-Syndication Software.



Xt Supply uploads various BMEcat files from suppliers to an FTP server. The SaaS solution CatalogExpress accesses these files in the background and automatically merges them. Xt Supply can now create diverse catalog profiles for their customers or eProcurement platforms in CatalogExpress. In the CatalogExpress mapping UI, Xt Supply independently configures the desired BMEcat structure for their customers or the eProcurement platforms of Unite, Conrad, or Meplato. For example, a customer’s supplier portal operates with PBSeasy, requiring a BMEcat with ECLASS classification. Using CatalogExpress, Xt Supply can easily and sustainably implement this required structure in a logically structured manner. Additionally, they can effortlessly accommodate specific product data requirements (e.g., mm instead of cm) through CatalogExpress functions.

Once the mapping is completed, Xt Supply GmbH’s BMEcat catalogs with over a million product data entries are generated in no time.

Thanks to CatalogExpress, Xt Supply can now expedite the process of making their product catalogs available to customers and eProcurement platforms or marketplaces more efficiently and effortlessly.


How Xt Supply evaluates the collaboration with nexoma

“Straightforward, helpful, and flexible! Many thanks for the cooperation, which we look forward to expanding further!”


Technologies and data standards


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