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VanMarcke digitizes supplier portal with WebEDI system

The Belgian market leader Van Marcke extends the nexoma supplier portal with a WebEDI system. With its range of over 20,000 products and 1,600 employees, Van Marcke is the fifth largest specialist supplier in Europe in the field of sanitary and heating systems. The internationally positioned company also has branches in the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Malta and the USA.

A particular challenge is to keep the extensive article master data always up to date. This is because reliable product data is required both for the “Van Marcke Blue” online store and for the 85 branches connected to it. An efficient and timely exchange of information with suppliers is becoming increasingly important.

Project idea: Extension of the nexoma supplier portal with a WebEDI system

nexoma’s supplier portal is initially used for on-boarding of suppliers’ product data in standard formats such as BMEcat® or ETIM. It is also possible to use csv formats or Excel® tables. This supplier data is automatically checked against the stored quality rules in the supplier’s SelfService. The portal only forwards error-free data.

The supplier portal has now been extended by a WebEDI system. Here, the suppliers create delivery notifications (dispatch notifications) based on the existing orders (ORDERS) with just a few clicks. These contain the necessary information about delivery, tracking and packages. The delivery notifications, also called ASNs (Advanced Shipment Notifications), are returned fully automatically until they are imported into the ERP system SAP®. Thus, the expected deliveries are available to the logistics department in time. The processes in incoming goods become much more efficient.

Solution: Thanks to openTRANS® a uniform communication platform is created

The format openTRANS® is supported here. Analogously, the use based on EDIFACT or EANCOM standards is also possible.

With WebEDI in the supplier portal, Van Marke creates a uniform platform for communication between retailers and their suppliers, both for catalogs in BMEcat® format and for process data via openTRANS®.

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